The Most Refreshing Article I Have Read

Pump Rage? Get Even by Buying ExxonMobil

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“Robust” Trade Talks with China

BBC News Story

They should be robust considering several major issues involving trade with China that include dumping, piracy and failure to protect intellectual property, and the valuation of the yuan.

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Loose usage of the word “green”

Great news! A “green” luxury car!

It’s too bad it gets 17 MPG.

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Iran’s Antics Continue

It’s looking more and more like Iran enjoys challenging the west. Iranian Nobel laureate Shirin Ebadi has said Iran’s judiciary is preventing her from representing a US-Iranian academic detained in Tehran last week.

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Bono might be happy

Africa ‘sees 6% economic growth’

But if you look a little closer, it may not be all its cracked up to be.

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Don’t worry, Steve Hargreaves knows how to save you at the pump

In this overly simplistic article on, he offers 6 ways to lower gas prices based on his assumption that all you have to do is increase supply and cut demand. Easy enough, as long as you like to make a lot of assumptions based in ignorance. He may stumble upon a few good ideas along the way.

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(The following is a version of your contributor’s Writing 39B final paper edited for the blog.)

Today we hear the word “quagmire” thrown around a lot by the media, referring to the situation our troops face in Iraq. But when most college-aged Americans hear “quagmire,” they probably think “giggity-giggity,” (referring to the Family Guy character named Quagmire) not “the situation our troops face in Iraq”. Yet when we go back to the last time we described our troops as being in a quagmire, the Vietnam War, there was seemingly much more interest in the situation among Americans than there is today. But are Americans really more apathetic towards the war in Iraq than they were towards the Vietnam War? And if so, to what between the conflicts and in American politics can we attribute this apathy?
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