Loose usage of the word “green”

Great news! A “green” luxury car!

It’s too bad it gets 17 MPG.

This seems to have a lot in common with an earlier post where I made the observation that people want to do all they can without altering their lifestyle. Here we have a car with a “green” label that gets 17 miles per gallon. What makes a car “green”? Fuel efficiency or the fact that it has an electric motor? Logic would tell you the fuel efficiency, but I guess not. Here are a few nice quotes from this article.

For years now, car buyers have been presented with a stark choice: Go green (do good), or go upscale (feel good). That all changes this summer when Lexus finally debuts its much-anticipated LS 600h L, the highest-performance luxury hybrid on the market.

Driving a car that gets 17 MPG is not “doing good.” So therefore, nothing is changing this summer. A Chevy Trailblazer may be able to do a little more “good.”

All in all, Lexus has put an elegant car on the road that will appeal to a wealthy buyer with a conscience.

No, it will appeal to a wealthy buyer who wants to make everyone think he cares by showing off that he owns a “environmentally friendly” hybrid, or maybe they want to feel like they are doing something more without actually changing a thing.


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