Return of the subcompact car

Is this what is meant by new “green collar jobs” as the economy shifts?  There’s no clear definition of the “green collar job”, but Mexico will be getting 4,500 new jobs as part of a $3 billion investment in the country by Ford as the Ford Fiesta returns to their lineup. 25,000 jobs at direct and indirect suppliers are expected to be created, as well.

This further demonstrates how the shift towards ‘green’ alternatives does not have to come at the expense of the economy. In fact, with a possible fuel economy as high as 50 mpg on the gasoline model and a list price expected below $15,000, the new Fiesta could save consumers both on their car payments and at the gas pumps. Its not ridiculous to suggest that gas prices could rise to $10 or $12 per gallon in the next 5 years, making driving a luxury and cars like this a precious commodity to those who need an automobile.

How many more car fires are we going to see so people can buy a Fiesta?


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  1. […] planning their own dramatic shift to smaller vehicles, affecting 10,000 workers. Before, we briefly discussed the impact of the subcompact on new, “green collar” jobs. While closing four plants dedicated to […]

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