Carol Browner Tapped as ‘Climate Czar’

Along with Obama’s appointment of Stephen Chu to Energy Secretary comes word that he has chosen a so-called ‘climate czar’. Browner will likely be instrumental in implementing Obama’s climate policy. Like Obama, she supports a cap-and-trade policy, an extremely promising way to reduce greenhouse gases. In fact, Browner called for the winner of the 2008 election to pursue capping with tradable permits months ago:

Browner’s resume includes a record-long tenure as Administrator of the EPA. As the New York Times reports, she began the fight to regulate greenhouse gases as part of the Clinton Administration only to have the Bush Administration undermine the authority of the EPA and the Supreme Court. The creation of a ‘climate czar’ post, and the appointment of someone with Carol Browner’s credentials and principals may be very good news for those concerned about the environment and climate change.


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