CBO Blasts Ethanol

An article published last Thrusday by the Washington Times suggests that federal support for corn ethanol has large negative consequences and a dubious impact on the environment. It seems that the Congressional Budget Office is catching up to the many critics of ethanol (for some of our own criticism of ethanol, feel free to check […]

Ethanol Myths? A Thorough Exploration

Add the US Department of Energy to the growing list of ethanol apologists that insist on jumping aboard a sinking ship. They have an entire webpage devoted to debunking five so-called “ethanol myths”. In our look at each “myth” we will see that with all their resources the best the DoE can do is cast […]

USA Today is now on the marketing payroll of NASCAR

USA Today ran a story this weekend by Nate Ryan entitled “Nascar going green, moving to ethanol blend fuel in 2011.” On this blog, we have spent a fair amount of time talking about both the use of buzzwords such as “green” and the pitfalls of biofuels. One post from a couple of years ago […]

The “Smartest” Cabinet Choice Yet

According to NBC, President-elect Obama will choose Nobel laureate Steven Chu as his Energy Secretary. MSNBC In addition to being one of the brightest minds to ever occupy a cabinet position, Chu is also an incredible realist when it comes to biofuels. He has taken an environmental approach in his analysis of our energy situation, […]

The Myth of Being Too Poor for Sustainability

One myth regarding sustainability just never seems to go away: the notion that it is expensive. It came to the forefront again during this past US Presidential Campaign. Mr. Obama has expressed strong support for environment, something for which he should be commended. Instead, he was attacked for being impractical. The American voters subsequently choose […]

Continuing the Fight Against Buzzwords – “Green Job”

President-elect Obama’s proposed economic stimulus package, with the goal of creating millions of “green jobs”, seems like a panacea able to fix our ailing economy, cut our reliance on foreign energy and mitigate the effects of climate change. While the details and price of the plan have not yet been worked out, we know that […]

Obama Sets Ten Year Benchmark

Last night was Barack Obama’s acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention. This is not the place for partisan politics, but it is this author’s opinion that the speech was refreshingly bold, eloquent, and very enlightened. The boldest part of the speech, and the one we will be discussing is that on energy.

Oxfam: Biofuels have dragged 30 million people into poverty

BBC What arguments are left for biofuels? A help to a domestic industry at the expense of the world? A small addition to total world energy production? A step towards miracle ethanol that can be made from anything? Oxfam has now refuted a principal argument in favor of “green” fuels.

Is Cheap Oil a Right?

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of spending some time with my family. We were discussing the normal topics; school, upcoming trips, furniture, work, health, but it was only a matter of time before the issue of gas prices came up. As expected, my mother took the opportunity go against every Economics 101 textbook […]

New Biofuel Options

There were two stories in The Times of London this week about organisms that secrete a chemical almost identical to crude oil. As is to be expected, these are not exactly going to drop the price of oil tomorrow. They are more promising than diverting food supplies to our gas tanks, and lack some of […]