CBO Blasts Ethanol

An article published last Thrusday by the Washington Times suggests that federal support for corn ethanol has large negative consequences and a dubious impact on the environment. It seems that the Congressional Budget Office is catching up to the many critics of ethanol (for some of our own criticism of ethanol, feel free to check here). This should be the final nail in the coffin for aggressive corn-based ethanol policies. Continue reading


The “Smartest” Cabinet Choice Yet

According to NBC, President-elect Obama will choose Nobel laureate Steven Chu as his Energy Secretary.


In addition to being one of the brightest minds to ever occupy a cabinet position, Chu is also an incredible realist when it comes to biofuels. He has taken an environmental approach in his analysis of our energy situation, realizing the need to develop new energy sources that currently do not exist.

Chu urges scientists to find environmentally friendly form of fuel

The most progressive and refreshing viewpoint he takes is on corn-based ethanol, currently part of most politicians’ “alternative energy” plan.

“From the point of view of the environment,” explains Chu, “it would be better if we just burnt oil.”

It sounds a lot like he understands the concept of EROEI and the disastrous environmental impacts of current ethanol production. This pick is change that we at Smash the Mirror can definitely believe in.