Green-tech investment falls 50%, but it’s no time to worry

The first quarter of 2009 saw a sharp decline in all forms of investment in clean-tech and energy both compared with a year ago, as well as the fourth quarter of 2008. Overall, the $13.3 billion invested was down 53% from the previous year and 44% from the last quarter. Investments in new renewable-energy projects led the decline, with venture capital investments also dropping 22% and a near evaporation of all investment in pure-play clean energy companies. However, this raw figure does not tell the entire story for the industry, nor is it necessarily indicative of a trend.


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The Barrier to an Economic Recovery

As retirement accounts shrink, jobs become more difficult to find, houses are foreclosed upon and the nightly news is dominated by talk of recession, the price of energy has been one bright spot for people struggling to pay their bills.  While prices of gasoline have fallen by 50% since the middle of the summer, the ultimate cause has not been any below-ground factors but rather the economic slowdown itself.

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Is “carbon-neutral” anything more than a buzzword?

While it is easy to understand the general idea behind labeling a city, product, or process “carbon-neutral,” it is not clear what the precise definition is and how big the system is that is being referred to. While there may be an equal amount of carbon inputs and outputs, or none at all, in most cases, other parts of the system, such as distribution, actually produce quite a bit of carbon, but are not considered. A recent claim by Dell has stretched the definition of being carbon-neutral even further. The fact is that Dell buys renewable energy directly from utilities to satisfy one-fifth of its energy needs, along with enough renewable energy credits to offset the other 80%. With this in mind, there are a few problems with claiming that all Dell facilities are carbon-neutral.


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Someone with the right idea

The soaring cost of oil is welcome as it sends a clear signal to consumers and firms to curb their use of fuel, the head of the OECD has said.

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What does CNN do when the people start to panic?

Bring back the dreams of a technological fix followed by a utopia.

This time its space solar. Sounds pretty futuristic and cool, eh? In fact, I found a more balanced article on space solar from seven years ago, even managing to have the same graphic. It seems the only thing that has changed is that the Pentagon took another look at the possibility, energy costs a lot now, and the idea was still first introduced in 1968.
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OPEC says biofuels will push up oil price

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The Most Refreshing Article I Have Read

Pump Rage? Get Even by Buying ExxonMobil

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