CBO Blasts Ethanol

An article published last Thrusday by the Washington Times suggests that federal support for corn ethanol has large negative consequences and a dubious impact on the environment. It seems that the Congressional Budget Office is catching up to the many critics of ethanol (for some of our own criticism of ethanol, feel free to check here). This should be the final nail in the coffin for aggressive corn-based ethanol policies. Continue reading


OECD Nations Unwilling to Internalize the Costs of Climate Change

One of the developments out of the UN Climate Talks this week in Poland was the launching of an Adaptation Fund to help poorer nations deal with the disastrous effects of climate change such as drought, floods and rising sea levels. Where the fund fell short was its endowment as just $80 million dollars  were allocated to addressing this critical element of the fight. The cash will be raised by a levy on a U.N. system of projects to cut greenhouse gas emissions in poor nations. The real question is, should countries most responsible for climate change contribute most to mitigating its consequences?
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Worsening Greenhouse Gas Picture

Over the past month, new information has provided even more reason to get serious about greenhouse gases. Peat which has been absorbing  atmospheric carbon is drying out, and even more alarming, some scientists believe the carbon situation has already gone too far.

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Oxfam: Biofuels have dragged 30 million people into poverty


What arguments are left for biofuels? A help to a domestic industry at the expense of the world? A small addition to total world energy production? A step towards miracle ethanol that can be made from anything? Oxfam has now refuted a principal argument in favor of “green” fuels.
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